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OK so I know it has been forever since I have posted on my journal ... but what can i say since i last did ... not a lot of things have been going right >.>

But it is 2011 and i have a new happy fresh out look on things ^U^ 

so First of all ... I decided to ditch the attempts to update my old blog because I don't want to be stuck in the reminder of the past anymore !!! If you are curious to the point I got to feel free to check it out at http://nanaharayumi.blogspot.com/

But like I said fresh start so I have started a new blog ^U^ which will be located at http://tashi-rubybeanie.blogspot.com/  (it looks real rubbish at the minute but will be getting all updated !!!) and I don't know what to do about here ... delete all my old post and start new ... create a complete new account ? what do you guys think ?

Either way ... I'll be spending a lot of time in Photoshop from the looks of it ^^ 

Well I hope everyone has a brilliant New Year and 2011 brings joy and happiness to everyone !!! 

あけましておめでとう。 ^♥^

So today was my first proper day at Uni >o

So today was my first proper day at Uni >o<

It wasn't the best start either because I thought I was going to be late but thenkfully I managed to make it in time ^U^

We had to bring in a picture of an enviromental portrait for this morning and I had brought in a photo of Corey Miller famous tattoo artist) from a shoot for a drum magazine. I hope I made a good decission !

We then had a talk where we were lookin at different represntations of portraits for our first mini assignment that we take tomorrow.

Then after lunch we had a discussion about camera and how it works and taking us back to basics with it all etc.

I had ot pay out rather a lot of money today too >.< ... had to pay £100 deposit for Paris trip and my Dad also had to pick me up film and storage sheets and files which was well over £40 and then last minute it became apparant I needed to buy a camera which cost me £49 ... because our first assignment is in film is why, everyone had taken all the film cameras from the store. So now I have my own and I don't know if it's good or not but hopefully it will do !!!

Rather neverous about tomorrow's photo shooting session but I will give it my all like I always do ^^

Help !!!

Could someone translate something for me please ????


I don't know if I translated it wrong myself ^~^

please help somebody


Konnichi wa
My name is Tasha
Im 18 years old
I come for the North of Ireland
I love *愛*:
#Family *家族*
#Friends *友人*
#Pets *ペット*
#Japan *日本*

Life is scary ne?
I got my conditional offer for a Photography degree in Uni
Now I have to achieve at least Merit, Merit, Pass on he course I am on in College

Will life just pan out?

One day my dream goal is to become a famous Photographer and move to Japan

Please talk and leave comments I like to meet knew people


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